Vodafone Install Malware Firmware On My HTC Desire  

by Matt Hawkins, 03/08/2010
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Vodafone have just released a "system" update for their loyal customers with the excellent HTC Desire handset.

Only it's not a system update. It is pack of unwanted app junk, bookmarks, bugs and setting changes. This is also known as a Trojan Horse.

The Vodafone forum is full of angry HTC Desire users who have been tricked into installing a load of marketing crap onto their phones.

Apparently we can't have Android v2.2 because Vodafone need time to "test" it but this app spam gets the fast track treatment, bugs and all!

Here's what the latest Vodafone malware does to your HTC Desire :

- Adds a Vodafone splash screen to the startup sequence
- Changes your browser homepage to some Vodafone login page
- Duplicates all your text messages
- Installs a load of Vodafone apps
- Adds a load of bookmarks to your browser including such tasteful sites such as and
- Add RSS feeds to the News app
- Duplicates all the custom entries in your dictionary

The RSS feeds are :

- Yahoo

The bookmarks include :

- Flirtomatic
- Match
- Facebook
- eBay (US site)
- Amazon (US site)
- Lottery
- BBC Sport
- MySpace
- Argos
- Train Times
- Sky Sports

The dating site links are a big hit with your spouse and provide hours of fun for any kids with this handset.

The spam-apps added are :

Music Shop - Doesn't work
360 Shop - Doesn't work
Web - Pointless shortcut to a Vodafone web page ... the same webpage that have already spammed your browser bookmarks with.
360 Updates - An app to update all the useless junk above

Obviously no one in their right mind would bother with CNN rubbish so it has to be forced onto people!

None of these changes are mentioned in the update description and Vodafone don't bother asking your permission. You can not remove the crapware apps.

Good thinking Vodafone. Whoever authorised this update is a complete moron.

Unlucky HTC Desire owners can complain here :

Author : Matt Hawkins  Last Edit By : Matt Hawkins
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