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The page allows you to generate new button sets for the ShopIntegrator hosted shopping cart/basket system. You can choose a colour and generate a set of shop buttons that match your website design. These images can be downloaded as a button pack containing all the required buttons. This gives you a quick and easy way of changing the look and feel of your web shop.

The buttons can be uploaded via your ShopIntegrator Admin Console.

Using the settings below you can colour fade the background, choose normal or a slimline, change the text colour and add a drop shadow.


Cart Text   Button Height 

R:  G:  B: 
R:  G:  B: 

Corner Radius    Text Colour    Shadow

Preview Buttons
Add To Cart 150x50  Buy Now 150x50  Checkout 150x50  View Cart 150x50  Come Back|Later 150x50  Add 80x50  Buy 80x50  Sold|Out 80x50  Try|Later 80x50  Currency 80x50  Price 80x50 
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