Oracle BI Publisher Chart Generator

This page generates the XML to define Pie Charts in the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop Template Builder. The Chart Wizard is fine a starting point for creating charts but lacks many features required to make basic customisations. There is almost no decent documentation available for tweaking the XML and is something of a black art.

This XML generator is intended to give you a quick and easy way of creating customised Pie Charts.

  • Create your chart in Word using the Chart Wizard.
  • Right click the chart and select "Format Picture"
  • Select the "Web" tab
  • Paste the XML into the "Alternative text" box
Note: Using the Chart Wizard replaces your customised XML so becareful you don't lose any important customisations.

If you need some quick test data you can use the Example RTF Template file and Example Data XML file.

Chart Properties
Chart Type :
Title :
Display Legend :  None  Left  Right  Top  Bottom
Display Labels :  None  Text  Value  Percent  Text & Percent
Decimal Places :
Additional BI Publisher Resources

Here are some additional resources you may find useful in working out how BI Publisher charts work and how you can customise the XML definitions.

Web Tools
A set of quick and basic online tools for web designers and software developers :